Sambata 19.02.22, Ora 19:00
Full Moon Women Circle / Womb blessing by Sumeia

Beloved woman,
How long has it been since your relationships nourished your soul?
When was the last time you ate a delicious delicacy and enjoyed it from beginning to end?
When was the last time you felt comfortable with your body?
Do you remember the last time you felt sacred for being a woman?
When was the last time you gave yourself a gift of self-love?
How long has it been since you’ve heard words that make you feel confident and valuable?
If the answers you found to these questions were: a long time ago or never, it is time to remember how to consciously activate those powers of the divine mother in you.
We invite you to join us this Virgo full moon, to nurture your relationship with your uterus, your body and the Earth, to feel the power to bless your creative womb by planting the seeds of what you want to gestate in your reality.
The feminine wisdom circle is a space designed to contain and create honesty, empathy, sisterhood and affection that allows us to activate in our bodies the biochemistry of love: Oxytona.
Feel the healing and transformative power of the Divine Mother’s energy and connect with extraordinary women to awaken the dormant wisdom that strengthens you and allows you to feel accompanied and sustained in the life challenge you are going through right now.

What you can bring:
🌕Wear a light colored or white dress or skirt to connect with the full moon.
🕯Bring a white candle.
💐Bring an offering of flowers.
🍑Bring a healthy food ( fruit or nuts) to share.

When: Saturday, February 12 4 pm

Where: Sambodhi meditation studio

Donation: 80 lei.
Limited places.

Reservations: Whatsaapp +40749234217
Strada Popa Rusu 16A, București 030167

Facilitator: 🌠Sumeia Ananda. Heart Priestess, Medicine Woman / Colombia.
She is a human transformational coach, transpersonal psychologist, holistic therapist, family constellation facilitator, yoga and meditation teacher, with 20 years of experience in shaping inner wisdom and the expansion of human consciousness, integrating body, mind, emotion and spirit.
Her unique therapeutic activity is inspired on direct contact with healing practices, tribal medicines and spiritual experiences with native peoples of America: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, North America and Mexico.
Sumeia Ananda is now in Romania to share all her passion as a therapist in group or individual sessions for women.
-Instagram: sumeiaanandaheart
-YouTube: Sumeia Ananda

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