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Sacred Cacao Ceremony

My Dear Family of Love,

It is my absolute delight and pleasure to invite you on the 5th of March to my first Sacred Cacao Ceremony and Meditation at Sambodhi Studio, a beautiful space that it very dear to my heart.

Blessed by the Light of the Pisces New Moon and with the veils between realms being barely perceivable, we will anchor the Divine Intelligence of the Water into the Earth and in our bodies.

Opening Sacred Space and drinking the love elixir, we will invite the Spirit of Cacao to take us on a multisensory somatic journey. We will work with the Spirit of the Water to bless our cellular waters, connect with our emotions and the River of Life. The Medicine of Cacao will support us in opening our hearts and expanding our senses. Through the guided meditation we will get a sweet taste of being in flow with life.
Cacao is a very powerful plant medicine that helps us open our hearts, relax the nervous system and intoxicate the cells with her glorious Love producing chemicals.
The Ceremonial Cacao that I brew for the ceremony is intentionally grown and produced in Guatemala by a collective of indigenous women, 100% Mayan owned. They are the keepers of this ancestral wisdom and tradition and it is a great honour to be able to support them in this way.

Beyond what can be put into words, I dare you to tune into the energy of this potent transmission and join me on for this sacred cacao ceremony.

Facilitator: Raluca Iancu – The Body Advocate – a holistic nutritionist, medicine woman, intuitive healer and mentor with the latest certification in integrative somatic trauma therapy.
During my first Ayahuasca ceremonies, Grandmother Ayahuasca named me “curandera” and encouraged me to start leading my own ceremonies for the Earth and bring the medicine of Cacao to people.
After my last Ayahuasca ceremonies with the Shamans of the Huni Kuin Tribe, I received my Shamanic name – Medicina. This hit home in a very natural and authentic way to me. Also, it made me more confident to share again my love medicine with the world, especially through plant medicine healing.


  • arrive in time or with 10 minutes before
  • come with an open heart
  • wear comfortable clothes
  • eat your lunch at least 2 hours before – the event
  • bring your own bottle of water to be blessed and charge
    When? Saturday, 5.03.2022,14:30
    Where? Sambodhi Studio, str. Popa Rusu 16A, Bucharest

Contribution: 150 lei, on Revolut or ING
Questions and reservations: 0741110255
See you soon!

Lots of Love and Blessings,
Raluca Iancu – Medicina

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