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Sambata 02.04.22, 19:00
Breathwork Journey

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  • October 5, 2022
  • Wednesday, 5:52 PM to 5:52 PM

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Let go of what no longer serves you. Clear old, limiting beliefs and emotions so you can make room for the new to emerge. Bring more ease into your life, give yourself permission, live your full potential.
Join together in an evening of ActiveBreath, a guided active breathwork practice and allow the waves of your own breath to connect you with your deeper wisdom. This event will be held mostly in English.

Date: Saturday, 2 April 2022
Time: 19:00

Duration: Approximately 2 hours
Location: Sambodhi Studio, Strada Popa Rusu 16A
Your contribution: 100 Ron. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.
Sign-up: Spaces are strictly limited and reserved by depositing 50 Ron (non-refundable). Contact Roxana at 0721.399.364 to sign up.
More details:

Evening Flow:
– Opening circle with evening description and intention setting
– Guided ActiveBreath breathwork practice to music
– Integration time
– Sharing (optional) and closing circle

To bring:
– An open mind and heart
– A blanket
– Journal and a bottle of water
– A scarf or eye mask to cover your eyes
– Wear comfortable clothes
**Recommend not arriving on a full stomach**

ActiveBreath breathwork is inspired by my teacher, David Elliott, who has trained hundreds of facilitators in this style. It is a simple, gentle, yet at the same time powerful practice, inhaling 10% more air than regular breathing. It uses a three-part breath through the mouth, inhaling into the abdomen, inhaling into the chest, and exhaling. This breathing technique can open the energetic body and move stagnant energy, release blockages and suppressed emotions, allow you to inquire within and receive insights and guidance from your own inner wisdom. In this way, you take the role of your own healer.

The practice in a group setting could get loud and be difficult for those with high sensitivity to sound. It is also not recommended for people with any of the following conditions: epilepsy, detached retina, glaucoma, history of cardiovascular disease (including aneurysm, angina or heart attack), high blood pressure not controlled by medications, significant recent injury or surgery, psychiatric conditions requiring medications.

Your host:
Roxana Sufan is a trained facilitator of breathwork journeys for groups and individuals, a mindfulness meditation teacher, authentic relating facilitator and a practitioner of Reiki and intuitive healing arts. Roxana also has rigorous science training, with a doctorate in molecular biology and a previous career in corporate America. With a foot in both worlds, she enjoys blending the spiritual and practical realms. A native Romanian, Roxana lived most of her life abroad and only recently returned.

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