Full Moon Meditation. Fill your Heart with Light
Sambata 16.10.21

SAMBATA 16.10.21, Ora 16:00

Full moon Meditation

Fill your Heart with Light.

Cacao Ceremony

The full moon has an enormous effect on all life forms that contain water within them. The tendency that the full moon creates in this period is the accumulation of fluids in the body which affects on a biological level our heart and circulatory system as well as the nervous, lymphatic, and digestive systems. They in turn generate a great energetic and emotional sensitivity in us. That is why in full moons people tend to be more explosive or react in more impulsive ways.
One way to show self-love and take care of our life energy is to allow ourselves to experience states of joy, happiness, gratitude, rest, pleasure and peace.
We especially invite you to accompany us on this Cacao Ceremony, to celebrate the Full Moon, filling your heart of light in emotional receptivity and nourishing it with TranscenDance* (in which we will share a deep meditation, a sensorial journey, breathwork, sound healing & intuitive movement, harmonic vibrations, collective connection) that will allow us to bring more brightness, joy, pleasure and love into our lives.

🤷‍♀️Who leads the ceremony?
The full moon Cacao Ceremony is conceived and facilitated by SUMEIA ANANDA (Colombia) and her partner CĂTĂLIN MILEA (Romania).

🌠Sumeia is a Heart Priestess, human transformational coach, transpersonal psychologist, holistic therapist, family constellation facilitator, yoga and meditation teacher, with 20 years of experience in shaping inner wisdom and the expansion of human consciousness, integrating body, mind, emotion and spirit.
Her unique therapeutic activity is inspired on direct contact with healing practices, tribal medicines and spiritual experiences with native peoples of America: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, North America and Mexico. Sumeia Ananda is now in Romania to share all her passion as a therapist in group or individual meetings.
•Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SumeiaAnanda1/
•Instagram: sumeiaanandaheart
•YouTube: Sumeia Ananda

Along with her, the wind instrumentalist Cătălin Milea will complete the magic of the ceremony with the sounds and music of his wind instruments (saxophones, Turkish kaval, duduk – Armenia, bass clarinet, flutes) and many other percussion instruments.
More about Cătălin Milea:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/catalinmileajazz/

☀ Bring fruits to share with others and flowers 🕯 for the altar that we are creating especially for the ceremony as an offering to the mother earth.
☀We kindly recommend you to arrive at least 15 minutes before the ceremony, wear comfortable and warm clothes, bring a bottle of water if you need.
☀We recommend soft food at the lunch, also not to eat later than 17:00 h or drink alcoholic beverages during the day.

💎Donation – Revolut
150lei 1 person
130 lei x person (2 people)
110 lei x person (3 or more people)
🌺Limited places

Reservations +40749234217

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