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Lefkada - Grecia


21 - 28 Oct 2023

The Alchemist – Yoga Meditation Retreat Greece 2023

The Alchemist is a rare award-winning life program that provides you the opportunity to search for the root of your life problems and helps you gently find your path going ahead in life, using tools coming from Buddha. This program is conducted especially in micro-groups of up to 6-10 participants.  

It is the only 50-hour Yoga retreat in the world, that actively combines Buddhist meditation, with the active healing practice of yogic postures, understanding Chakras, and learning Chakra healing. Every day it helps participants understand the self and shed away layers of suffering pain and insecurity, resulting in what we know as the awakening of inner Buddha. Rated amongst the best yoga meditation retreats in Greece in 2022 as well as for several years in different categories such as Best Mindfulness Retreats, Best Yoga Meditation Retreats Worldwide, Best International Yoga Retreat, and Top Yoga Retreats in Europe.

We try and handpick the most calm and impeccable settings. 

Who is it for ?

Every path requires a certain readiness of life experiences. A maturity to face the self. This program works beautifully for those who have known suffering, loss, pain, insecurity, have been lost and yet found themselves, in strength and belief that comes from within. One who is seeking answers and method for reducing the suffering on the self. For those seeking meditation this is rated as best Mindfulness Retreats in Greece & Europe.

For all men & women, seeking a spiritual path, a meditation through which they can lead themselves into a safe space of strength, tranquility, and healing. For teachers therapists, seeking to strengthen their meditation. Those seeking to understand spinal strengthening, back pain and more flexibility in their body and Chakra healing. Seeking a no-nonsense logic-based spiritual path, that can help you get through every chaos in life. 


Can Couples Join?

When two partners coliving together join such a powerful program, and work on themselves on understanding their own inner nature and how to practice compassion and forgiveness then there is bound to be greater harmony at home and peace in all spheres of life and home. 

The practice of Buddhist meditation, combined with daily Yoga practice & techniques such as Chakra healing are special tools for couples to heal each other, integrate yoga thinking & practice into daily life, and cultivate greater harmony through mindfulness, self-inquiry, and Buddhist meditation. 

All couples who have attended the retreat together have reported greater levels of harmony at home, lower levels of stress, and greater understanding/support from their partners. 

Partners who are at Peace with themselves can also contribute to the Growth and Harmony of their loved ones.    

Take Away

Re-align your Spine using therapeutic Yogic Tools to manage back pain, and enhance flexibility and misaligned hips. 

Master the wind element through Breath yoga to remove Insomnia, Anxiety, and Panic attacks. 

Learn Chakra healing therapy – Heal using the concept of aura, chakras, and energy healing.

Get Bonus knowledge of the life hacks of Ayurveda to resolve 70% of diseases. 

Experience a renewed food & diet plan that will reboot your health in everyday life. 

Learn a simple Buddhist meditation to stop suffering & release past baggage. 

Learn to Awaken your Inner Buddha 

Understand your path – moving forward in Life – incorporating spiritual practices in daily life. 

Experience the Best Yoga Retreat in Greece

50 hrs Certificate of Yoga learning / Chakra Healing 

Beat Stress, Burn Out and experience the ultimate growth break from daily life. 

Rejuvenate & Start afresh in life. 

Food & Diet

A big part of attaining any progress in the field of yoga is to understand and alter the how when and what we eat as food. The gut is our second mind and all diseases of the body start with the gut. 

At the Alchemist Retreat, we take special care of your diet and your meals in accordance with the principles of Ayurveda that help us achieve better health and an active and focused mind. 

Ayurveda explains the principle of digestive fire and its optimization during the day. In alignment with these principles, we serve meals only twice a day – which ensures optimum digestion of food, proper absorption, and rebalancing of the inner functioning of the body. Modern science has labeled this wisdom as Intermittent Fasting and come to the conclusion that it is super healthy for the body. 

An expert chef leads the food aspect of the program – with a prior experience in Ayurveda principles and preparing fresh vegetarian meals to aid the yogic process of working on mind and body. 

No kinds of Coffee, Tea, Sugar, Drugs, Smoking, or Alcohol are allowed on the premises during the retreat. 


Master Vidhi will be leading the entire program, from early morning Buddhist meditation to therapeutic Asana practice to delving deep into the understanding of the philosophy of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Chakra Healing.

A top-notch therapist, very few in the world can unfold the subjects of meditation, mind, yoga, and therapy like Master does, owing to his decades-long personal experience on the subjects he works with. 

During the retreat period, participants can schedule 1-on-1 transcendental therapy, massage therapy, or chakra healing session with the master. 


For every retreat we invite expert chefs who have an experience of working on retreats with the Master and understand the demand for simple, nutrient rich food that aligns with the basic principles of Ayurveda. 

Diet is a big part of any personal transformation.

All food served during the retreat is prepared fresh and meticulously designed keeping the demands of healthy living and yoga in mind during the retreat period. 

Lookout for our surprise guest Chef on our next retreat and expect nothing less than to be pleasured by healthy food – which is both vegetarian and more than just leaves and veggies. 


“I hated it, I loved it. At end, I wish it could have gone into 2nd week. I experienced a lifetime of releasing anger, shame, pain, and realizing the power of mind and healing. No words to describe. Thank you Master”

—  Julia Schmidt


21 - 28 Oct 2023


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Lefkada - Grecia
Based on 275 reviews
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Based on 275 reviews
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Ultimele Recenzii

Cristina MartinescuCristina Martinescu
08:08 06 Mar 23
I went to Sambodhi every week in the past month, to yoga classes, guided meditation, reflexology, workshops on manifestation, feminity and family constellations and I can say that the place has a magic of its own. The energy created around there is nothing but pure bliss and enlightenment.The people coming there and the facilitators are kind, open and willing to provide help or support to all the other participants.The facilitators are mostly freelancers so the bookings are made with each of them in particular, also the payment, directly to the facilitator.The studio easily reachable by public transport, being at 13 min walk from University metro station.There is also a small room where you can change, but the belongings must be taken with you in the class as there are no lockers.I truly recommend this place for everyone looking for peace and to learn new technics for emotional self management.Hope to see you there :)
Roxandra ChivuRoxandra Chivu
18:00 28 Jan 23
Un loc magic ✨ inspirat din natură în centrul orașului. O comunitate de oameni minunați care pun multă pasiune și iubire în ceea ce fac. Clase de Yoga adaptate pentru orice nivel și disponibilitate, pentru cei matinali sunt clase de dimineață iar cei cu ziua mai plină se pot relaxa seara după agitația de peste zi. Workshop-uri și ritualuri, meditație samanică, constelații, locul in care indiferent cine ești, poți doar sa fii, sigur îți vei găsi tribul și o activitate cu care vei rezona și îți va umple sufletul. O lume mai mica in lumea asta mare și agitată, plină de iubire și armonie creată de un om minunat. Întoarce-te la tine, la natura ta, onoreaza-ți mintea, trupul și sufletul.Namaste ✨
Cristina PCristina P
13:52 24 Jan 23
Super peaceful lovely place to work out relax. All the instructors I’ve been to are great, they adapt flows and classes to the level of the participants. Great experience every time!
09:48 24 Jan 23
Beautiful studio, with great instructors and sense of community. Each instructor brings something unique to their teaching style. There’s a variety of classes to choose from and yoga mats/equipment available if you don’t have your own. It is a kind and warm space and I couldn’t recommend this studio enough!
caterina demiancaterina demian
14:51 22 Dec 22
Was looking for that place where you can combine mindfulness, mediation and yoga practices in one place. And the studio offered it all! Everyone here, be that staff, guest or teacher, feels like a close, warm friend ☺️ I recommend Sambodhi to all levels of yoga practitioners 💜
Nataliya ChekunovaNataliya Chekunova
19:15 14 Dec 22
Great place, I recommend! The studio is a comfortable, energetically pleasant space in the heart of Bucharest. Most of the instructors are English speaking. But, on the other hand, doing yoga and further shavasana in an unfamiliar language forms new neural connections in you;) I wish you wonderful classes in Sambodhi!
Eugénie FournetEugénie Fournet
11:48 13 Dec 22
Sambodhi Studio is amazing! The rooms are really nicely arranged. You really feel at peace there. Also, there is a great diversity of courses (either more meditation to really energetic yoga). I can only recommend this place :))
Diana MiDiana Mi
19:47 15 Nov 22
Am mers de la mai multe ori, la diferite clase la Sambodhi si impreuna cu mine am mai convins 3 persoane sa vina. Cu totii am fost foarte incantati de fiecare data.Ma ajuta mult atat din pdv fizic, cu durerile de spate, cat si din pdv psihic, linistindu-ma si ajutandu-ma sa ma relaxez. Imi place programul lor si faptul ca pot sa platesc de fiecare data strict pentru clasa la care merg. Clasele sunt foarte variate.
Raluca MarinescuRaluca Marinescu
14:34 19 Sep 22
Locatia este super frumoasa, luminoasa, spatioasa, este echipata cu tot ce ai nevoie pentru a desfasura un workshop de succes! Am fost foarte placut impresionata de ospitalitatea, proptitudinea si energia minunata a gazdei, Marius este un om deosebit care te asista cu multa bucurie in orice ai nevoie.Recomand cu mare caldura oricui cauta un spatiu pentru desfasurarea unui atelier.Iar ca participant, ai de unde alege, exista o multitudine de ateliere, sustinute de oameni minunati care aduc atat de multa bucurie in inimile participantilor.Mereu revin cu placere!
Andreea BoteaAndreea Botea
07:17 29 Jun 22
Since I discovered the place, I came every week for a very authentic yoga practice. People in the studio are nice and friendly and have a good range of yoga classes. Although I stick to Cristina`s class because for me was the best combination of yoga movements and meditation.
Amalia StamateAmalia Stamate
17:41 01 Jun 22
Cautam un studio unde sa pot tine clase de yoga si am venit sa vad Studioul Sambodhi. Mi-a placut felul in care este amenajat studioul, faptul ca este localizat in centru, intr-o zona in care gasesti locuri de parcare daca vii cu masina, dar poti ajunge usor si cu alte mijloace de transport. De asemenea, m-a impresionat curatenia studioului, acest lucru fiind remarcat si de participantii la clase :) Atmosfera este una foarte prietenoasa, Marius are grija ca toti cei care trec pragul studioului sa fie intampinati cu caldura si sa se simta bineveniti.
Alexa ZarescuAlexa Zarescu
16:02 05 Mar 22
An amazing place for self discovery and much more. The space is superb, the host so nice and all the people finding their way to here are so nice.Is not only yourself that you find in here, but also great people.The light, the smell and the sounds, all cozy.Highly recommend.
Ioana GeorgescuIoana Georgescu
17:10 02 Nov 21
Daca stai sau treci prin Bucuresti, iti recomand sa ajungi la acest studio aparte unde vei gasi oameni frumosi si calzi, gata sa te ghideze intr-o practica de yoga blanda sau sa iti ofere un masaj de neuitat :) Ofera-ti o experienta altfel si vino sa cunosti studioul. Poate te va fermeca inca de la intrare, asa cum m-a fermecat si pe mine :)