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Systemic Constellations and Rituals Workshop

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  • Sala 2
  • September 2, 2022
  • Friday, 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Cost: 75 Euro

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We will create a sacred circle, working with circle technology and the methods of Systemic Constellations, which reveal those places where individuals suffer due to the challenges, wounds and fears of the past in their family system.

You may feel disconnected from your loved ones, have experienced loss, suffer from an illness, feel a void in your life, struggle with your career, coworkers or bosses, or have trouble finding your soul’s purpose – challenges that often stem from patterns of one’s own history.

We will hold the space for the unseen to be revealed, for nurturing love to flow, and for healing to happen. Many souls search for inclusion, which can sometimes be found in a simple movement in the circle.
Oftentimes we look for the smallest step to take, that would already create a small change, initiate a little, ongoing motion. Whatever changes too quickly and too far at once, may fall back to its original state just as easily. Sustainable changes often look small and slow, just like the soul movement that is said to move walking, as a pedestrian. There is some special power in slow motions.

The Facilitators
Antonia and Rotger Heilmeier are a German Systemic Constellations Facilitator and Shamanic Practitioner Couple who have studied with some of Germany’s premier Family Constellations facilitators, including Dr. Ilse Kutschera, a student of Bert Hellinger’s, and Helmut Eichenmüller. In the US they were also trained by Francesca Mason Boring, a bicultural woman and member of the Western Shoshone Tribe, who developed constellations as ceremony, and by Emily Blefeld and Dan Cohen who are two of the United States’ most skilled innovators in merging advanced consciousness and spiritual principles into therapeutic practice.
They were trained as shamanic practitioners by Vera Griebert Schröder, a student of Sandra Ingermann´s, by Sandra Ingermann, Daan van Kampenhout and Betsy Bergstrom.
Rotger is also a Psychologist (M.A.), holds a license as a nonmedical practitioner (German “Heilpraktiker”) and as a male nurse. He offers classical homeopathic counseling.

Antonia holds a PhD in Sociology on scientific system thinking. She is a director at Deloitte for transformation and internal organizational development as well as an UN consultant, facilitating workshops on anti-racism as a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) specialist.
They skillfully bring together classic systemic constellation principles, organizational and psychological proficiency, with their gift of intuitive, spiritual and shamanic practices. Together they invite the powers of solving hindrances and healing that a circle and a field of people can create, for the help of the clients, for all who attend the circle, as a ritual and as a prayer for the greater good.

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Price: 75 EUR
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