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Season Finale * Yoga & Sound Healing Journey

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Event details

  • Sala 2
  • June 26, 2022
  • Sunday, 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
  • Cost: 150 LEI

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Sound healing is a beautiful meditative musical experience that takes you on a journey of deep relaxation, healing and self-discovery, and also helps you to completely let go of your stress and worry so you can receive a re-alignment to your entire energetic body using powerful sound vibration.
It is a deep experience in which gongs, singing bowls, the shamanic drum, didgerdoo, and other instruments are played in a way to promote a more relaxed mind and nervous system.
The journey begins by easing you into the experience through a sound bath with singing bowls, in a well-played sound bath, the sounds guide you on a journey of self-discovery and inner exploration, promoting deep relaxation and peace, expansion of consciousness, helping you to open the body’s entire energetic

Everything in the Universe, including our body, is composed of vibrations. Every organ and every cell in our body vibrates at a particular frequency. Sound and vibration travel up to five times more effectively through water. As the human body is made up of over 70% water we can understand that sound and vibration can affect us at a cellular level.

Warm-up practice
Our 2 hour journey will begin with a gentle yoga or qi gong practice, followed by a short guided-meditation to prepare your body and mind for the experience to follow.
Sound Bath
During the Sound Bath phase of the journey, you will experience deep relaxation and a profound sense of peace and well-being. You will experience the healing power of Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gong. The healing frequencies and vibrations will wash away all your stress, tension, and cares. All you have to do is lay there and allow the healing sounds and vibrations to wash over you.

Deep Journey
Once your body and mind ease and relax into a natural state of openness to receive, the Gong will take deeper into the journey of self healing. At this phase the beat of the shamanic drum and the sound of the didgeridoo accompanied by throat singing will guide you on an inner journey of the deep psyche where the aspects that need healing may reveal themselves. This is the phase of surrender to your natural capacity, to heal, and behold the forsaken parts of you to be embraced. Sensations and buried emotions may arise at this point as part of the healing process and as invitation to welcome and release.
Coming home to yourself
Our journey will conclude with a sound bath with the tibetan singing bowls to gently help you integrate your journey and ease you into coming back to yourself.
We will hold a circle at the end as a sacred space of sharing about your experience as a means to ground it and prepare to meet the outside world from a new inner space.

Sound Healing is suitable for people of all ages from young children to the elderly. Sound Healing is suitable for pregnant women but in this case, the bowls or gongs will not be used close to the body.
No previous experience of working with sound or meditation is required.

One way sound can help create deep states of relaxation is through altering our brainwave states. When our brainwave state moves from the normal waking state (Beta) down to Alpha (consciously relaxed state), Theta (dreamlike state), and
sometimes even delta (deep sleep) we experience a decrease in heart rate and blood pressure, our bodies relax, our breath deepens, and we move into a receptive state where deep healing can occur.
Sound has profound effects on our nervous system – helping to turn on our parasympathetic nervous system which is our relaxation response. Many of us spend too much time with an active sympathetic nervous system, which is our fight or flight response… when we can activate our parasympathetic nervous system we give our
bodies a chance to relax and heal. Through all of the various tones of the bowls, gongs and other instruments, the body is offered an opportunity to resonate with a healing frequency. You are in essence giving your body, mind, and energy an
opportunity to shift to a higher frequency and let go of lower vibration thoughts, emotions, and other issues.

Some of the benefits of having regular Sound Healing Sessions:
•Stress Reduction.
•Deep relaxation.
•Reduces anxiety.
•Lowers blood pressure.
•Promotes deeper sleep.
•Balances both hemispheres of the brain.
•Cells receive a sonic massage.
•Cleanses negative energy and emotions.
•Helps to connect with your higher self.
•Increases vital energy flow, creativity, intuition and motivation.
•Removes blockages and toxins.
•Strengthens immune system.
•Helps to release and clear old self-limiting patterns of behaviour, habits and ways of
thinking that no longer serve us and are harmful to our health.

Each sound bath session is a different experience. Here are some elements you may expect:

*Ehsan will always use Tibetan Singing Bowls and Gongs. Besides, he may use shamanic mouth harp, Ocean, bells, Tingsha and Persian Setar.
The Tibetan Bowls he uses are hand made in Nepal by families who can trace their origins back to the time of the Buddha. The bowls are still hand hammered in the old traditional way and the families chant sacred mantras while they are beating the bowls. When the bowls are played, the spiritual vibrations of these mantras are released.

*Hitesh will contribute with his amazing didgeridoo, a wind instrument, played with continuously vibrating lips to produce a continuous drone while using a special breathing technique called circular breathing. The didgeridoo was developed by Aboriginal peoples of northern Australia at least 1,500 years ago, and is now used around the world, perhaps as an adaptation of traded instruments from India and/or Asia, though still most strongly associated with Indigenous Australian music. If inspired, he may use the Bansuri, his indian flute and chant mantras.

*Irina will bring forth the earth element though the beat of the shamanic drum that is bridge between realms, taking you deep in the mysterious landscapes of the dream world to connect you to your roots. She will also use her deep voice and throat singing to ground the spirit, to help release dense and heavy emotions. She also uses breath as an instrument to ignite the fire element and her high voice to soothe the aching heart back to love.

There is no specific preparation required. It is helpful to keep well hydrated the day before attending or on the day itself if the sound bath is taking place later in the day.

*We recommend you bring a yoga mat or blanket to lay down or sit to feel comfortable.
*Wear loose comfortable clothing without belts and preferably with no metal buttons or fasteners.
*Also, bring your own and water bottle and eye mask if you feel you need it to help you relax and keep your eyes closed during the session.

One session will last for 2 hours. We recommend you arrive 15 minutes before our session starts to give you enough time to ease into the space.

To Register:
*Private Message to one of the organisers: Ehsan (+40 763 607 978), Hitesh (+40 745 172 780), Irina (+40 729 003 713)
*We kindly ask you to pay in advance to book your spot
*The booking is non-refundable.
*Please mention if there are any ongoing physical or mental issues that we should know to be able to better guide you through the experience.
Cost: 130 RON
Sessions will be held in English.

Hitesh comes from a small Himalayan village of India where he grew up in yogic atmosphere, chanting, meditating, and practicing asanas. He moved to Romania in 2018 and since then has been sharing his practices with thousands of people from various cities, however it is Bucharest where he has set up his base.
Spiritual cheerfulness often leads to an interest in music and so was the case with Hitesh. He loves to chant mantras and play his Didgeridoo and Bansuri, an Indian bamboo flute, sometimes during Savasana and other times in Sound bath sessions.
You may stay in touch with Hitesh on Facebook: and Instagram: @yogawithhitesh

Ehsan is a free soul wanderer that has being exploring the world through the self in last 9 years.
On one side he loves nature and he is always eager to meet new people and have new experiences. On another side, he has a calm and quiet character and enjoys spending time in solitude.
He has spent traveling in South-Asia,for 7 years, out of which 5 years he lived and experienced life at its fullest in Nepal, bathing with the power and spirituality of
Himalayas and the surroundings. For Ehsan, living in Nepal was a life changing experience.
There he started working with the ancient, mysterious and powerful technic of healing and meditation from historical land of “Tibet”. This technique is called “Sound Healing” and
it happens with the use of holy objects called “Tibetan Singing Bowl” and Gongs. These holly instruments have been used for centuries by the Monks in Himalayas for ritual ceremonies and Meditation purposes.
Now Ehsan lives for some time in Romania and he would love to share and worship the life with beautiful people.
You may stay in touch with Ehsan on Facebook:
Instagram: @spiritjourneywithehsan

Irina has her roots deep in the heart of Bucharest where she was born and raised. Her musical calling began when she was ten years old and joined a local children’s choir. It was then that she discovered the synergy of different voices coming together to create harmony. It was later in life that she widened the spectrum of her voice and discovered the deeper capacity of the human voice and of breath to bring forth sounds and notes and vibrations that enable release, healing and inner alchemy through sound. She began a conscious exploration journey in 2014 during a life crisis that has taken her to Liberating Voice Retreats, singing circles, voice workshops and has deepened her personal practice and the range of her voice. She has organised and attended many Sound Healing Sessions at festivals, singing circles, conscious movement workshops and contact improvisation classes and is a proud member of the musical jamming circuit in Bucharest.
Irina’s journey with shamanic drumming began in 2013 when she attended an in-depth Dream Retreat with Dream teacher Robert Moss. It was then that she felt the deep calling of the drum and was initiated in dream work. She has received shortly after her own shamanic drum as custom made gift from a traditional drum maker, an instrument that is more than a tool to make sound. She feels that her drum has the capacity to open portal to guide the soul on healing dream journeys and to safely come back bringing valuable into our “ordinary reality”.
Since 2020 she is fostering the Urban Sanctuary, an art project combining her passion for poetry, sound and dance performance and drawing as tools for inner alchemy and healing,
You may stay in touch with Irina on Facebook:
and Instagram: @UrbanSanctuary2020

Using sound and vibration is one of the oldest healing modalities and was used thousands of years ago in the Aboriginal, Greek and Egyptian cultures. The Aboriginal peoples in Australia were among the first cultures known to heal with the sound more
than 40,000 years ago. The ancient Egyptians used vowel sound chants in healing, as they believed vowels were sacred. The Greeks used similar healing chants and a variety of musical instruments in their sanatoriums. And, of course, Tibetan monks have used singing bowls, whose vibrations have been described as “the sound of the universe manifesting” for thousands of years. It is interesting to note that most creation stories started with the introduction of sound, including Vedic texts and the Bible.
Over the past 15 years or so there has been a resurgence of interest in the power of sound and vibration in healing. Interest in sound therapy and sound baths has been growing steadily during this time as more and more people, western medics included, re-discover its potential.


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