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Family Constellations with Sumeia

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  • Sala 2
  • December 18, 2022
  • Sunday, 6:30 PM to 10:00 PM

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Your current problem is the key to your Solution, since

When an ancestor left something unfinished, such as an unassumed anger, an unfulfilled desire for revenge, an unassumed guilt or crime, a field of “Archaic Compensation” is opened up.
The family unconscious designates a descendant to conclude what was left unfinished.
This descendant, from his conception, is then trapped in this field of archaic compensation and can do nothing but repeat this past, until he/she becomes aware of it.

And when she/he becomes aware of this, it is when he separates himself from the past and assumes his present, his emotions and his actions, without blaming others, leaving the field of archaic compensation and entering the field of true Freedom.

This whole process is totally unconscious.
And life sends us to live situations of repetition, or mirror of what the ancestor lived so that we live these situations from the present, in our adult life.

As soon as we see the conflict assuming it, from the adult, it is resolved in parallel that we are repeating from the ancestors and we free ourselves from the burden that does not correspond to us.
Family Constellations will help you to see and understand the why of the problems you are experiencing at this time of your life.

Come and embrace your problem from your awakened heart and through this effective psychotherapy, discover the gift of love that your ancestors offer you as a solution and blessing to go to your own destiny.

We will have
* Ceremonial cacao / the medicine of the heart.
* Meditation with the family tree
* Healing Music to integrate
* Offering meal (bring whatever you want to share).

Next session December 18, 2022. Time 18:30/22 hrs.
Sambodhi Studio- Bucharest Romania.

WhatsApp + 40749234217

Consultant 220 lei
Participant: 110 lei

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Healing is to begin to offer Light, Love and Gratitude to your entire family tree.
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