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50 Hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training Course

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  • Sala 1
  • 21-10-2022 9:00 to 30-10-2022 22:00

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In the fast pace of our times and as everything becomes increasingly faster, finding stillness and balance within becomes an even harder task. A line from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, “yogas chitta vritti nirodhah” refers to stilling the mind in order to experience Ultimate Reality and move toward Self-realization.
During yin Yoga – the quiet practice – we bring stillness, while slowing down to point our attention and intention inwards to connect to the purest essence of our being. Yin yoga has always been around, although it is relatively new to western society, we know from ancient yogic texts that seated postures were performed for thousands and thousands of years in India as part of a practice to calm the mind and prepare the body for meditation.

Yin yoga, also referred to as “Daoist” yoga, consists of asana
sequences that work deeply into the body’s tissues. The poses are often held for much longer than in other hatha yoga traditions, with the intention to access deeper layers of the body and connective tissues as well as combining the whole – going into our body following the breath process – with a more meditative approach and state of mind. Within this training you will be guided to walk your own path as a yin yoga teacher in order to teach your students the beauty and freedom within of this tradition.

As a student you will have the opportunity to learn more and go deeper in your own practice. As a teacher you will develop your skills on offering properly sequenced classes that will strengthen, stretch and stimulate to encourage more flexibility and freedom of movement while simultaneously releasing deep tension of the body and relaxing the nervous system of the participants. Moreover you will learn to promote and create a safe practice environment and a deep level of calmness, focus and equanimity within your classes, having all the proper tools and knowledge required. In the 21st century’s stressful times yin yoga offers the perfect balance for teachers and students alike.

🔥 07.10 – 16.10 Studio Vedica / Студио Ведика Plovdiv [BULGARIA]
🔥 21.10 – 30.10 Sambodhi Studio – Yoga, Meditation, Massage, Events Bucharest [ROMANIA]
> Fri (9-17), Sat & Sun (14-22)
🔥 04.11 – 13.11 ashtangayogabelgrade Belgrade [SERBIA]
🔥 18.11 – 27.11 Joga Vita Maribor, [SLOVENIA]
🔥 02.12 – 11.12 Buddha’s Cat Dubrovnik [CROATIA]

MODULE 1 [50 hours]
*Yin Yoga Philosophy [PART 1]​
*What is Yin Yoga, History & Origins
*The benefits of Yin Yoga: Physical, *Mental & Emotional
*Prana & Qi energy
*Introduction to Meridian Theory
*Understanding of the Nadis & Chakras
*Meridians in relation to Chakras
*Anatomy & Physiology for Yin Yoga [PART 1]
Asanas in Relation to:
– Meridians, 5 elements and the vital organs.
– Chakras
*Yin Yoga Sequencing [Part 1]:
– Beginner Yin Sequence
– Upper Body Sequence
– Heart Opener Sequence
– Shoulders & Neck Sequence
– Spinal Sequence
– Hip Opener Sequence
– Legs (Tight Hamstrings & Quadriceps) Sequence
– Sequence for Stress
– Detox Sequence
– Boosting Metabolism Sequence
– Energizing Sequence
*Yin asana Lab: Props & Variations

[Part 1]
*Hands on adjustments [Part 1]
*Yin Yoga & Pranayama [Part 1]
*Yin Yoga, Pratyahara & Dharana
*Sequencing & Teaching thematic classes using meridian, chakra & 5 elements theory
*Visualization and Relaxation techniques
*Total Cost: 550€ Early bird price 480€ available until 30 days prior to each training starting date.
*To secure your spot a 25% deposit payment of the total amount is required. The deposit will be non-refundable in case of cancellation.
*For bookings and more information please visit our website:

The Yoga Fusion Shala’s Yin Yoga Teacher Training provides far more than a foundation to get in touch with this ancient philosophy of Yin Yoga and it is suitable for everybody! Yin Yoga is suitable for everyone, regardless of age, physical constitution, etc. The course syllabus is taught by an experienced teacher with thousand teaching hours and certified by Yoga Alliance Worldwide, combining Yin Yoga together within the context of Yoga practice as a whole, integrating elements from Yoga and Chinese Medicine and It offers a comprehensive, holistic system to our future teachers in order to feel confident to create transformational, unique classes and one-to-one private sessions for their students, in a safe environment with unique philosophical context.


-You don’t have to be a certified yoga teacher already
-The training will be given entirely in English. All training material is in English as well. It is therefore necessary that you are familiar with the English language.
-Many students take this course just to deepen their own practice and knowledge.
-If you have any other teaching experience this will be beneficial but is not essential. A regular practice though is advised.
-For attending Module 2 completing Module 1 or any equivalent hours of study certification of completion is mandatory. There are no other pre-requisites for attending Module 1.
-If you are a beginner yourself this will help you to understand the teaching and learning process even better.
-If you are a teacher this training will help you to enhance your teaching skills, enrich your classes, be more versatile and deepen your knowledge.
-The training concludes with a written exam, a kirtan and tea-ceremony graduation certification ritual.
-After completing the attendance and passing the exam, you will receive your Yin Yoga Teacher certificate from Yoga Fusion Shala, recognized by the Yoga Alliance with 50 hours for each module, 100 hours in tolal continuing education for Yoga Teachers.


-International certification acknowledged by Yoga Alliance (YACEP)
-In depth Yin yoga practice and analysis
-Intensive teaching focus on educational methods
-Understand the connection between body, mind, spirit and how Yin can take you there.
-Personal coaching and mentoring guidance and tips
-Being able to implement yin classes, yoga nidra, meditation, relaxation & soundhealing into your teaching schedule
-Follow the evolution of multiple traditions as merged through history into one.
-Gain expertise in every level of Yin practice including postures and their modifications, alignment & props.
-Uncover Yin’s unique impact on the body and transform knowledge into practice.
-Learn how to build and deliver unique classroom experiences with special tips and expert level insights.
-Bridge the gap between modern science and ancient philosophy at the intersection of Easter cultures.
-How to build your own business and start a new career.
​This Yin Yoga Training is an in-depth 100 hours spread out through 2 Modules OF 50 hours immersive training, that gives you everything you need to start incorporating yin yoga into your daily teaching and practice, taking you on a journey to discover yourself so you can genuinely shape your own path and greatest potential as a Yin yoga teacher. Be introduced to a way of deep self care and healing for yourself, while learning how to show the way and guide others to find their own way of healing through this beautiful tradition of going within … in the stillness of the body, in the silence of the mind.

Thina is a certified E-500RYT and a YACEP (Continuing Education Provider) registered with Yoga Alliance, while being also certified as a teacher and trainer in Yin, Aerial, and Vinyasa yoga, Sivananda and Ashtanga are being her main Hatha yoga traditions on her yoga path. She is also a certified Ayurvedic and Classic massage therapist / Certified massage trainer registered with IPHM – International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, and a voice and movement artist and performer.
​Moving a lot and changing places since an early age in her life not only shaped her to a travelling Yoga nomad but also pointed her intention of keeping centered inside when everything outside was constantly shifting and changing.

​Yoga came to her life when she was 12 after a serious traumatizing event that found her emotionally shattered, and developed further into a deeper inner later on, when a serious spinal injury made her change her perspective and ways that she perceived, appreciated and connected with her body, discovering the finer inner layers of this practice that go beyond the external physical experience of performing asanas. Suddenly she had discovered comfort, healing, freedom within, and a new vision that anything was possible.
​Her immense love for singing and performing back then, led her to study classical singing, dance and musical theater performance and in 2011 she decided to move to the Netherlands to continue working professionally with music. Within her 7 years of living in Rotterdam she followed a two year Sivananda yoga teacher training course with Rama Shakti Janine Brall at Yoga Vidya in the Netherlands/Germany and started teaching intensively since of 2013. In 2017 she decided to follow her intuition as her compass once again, and dedicated a year of her life in the Karma Yoga path ”The Cycling Sutras” crossing Europe from the Netherlands to Greece on her bicycle, fundraising money for ”The Smile of The Child” organisation, leading her ”back home” when the idea of having a yoga school and yoga retreat of her own took form… manifested… and ”Yoga Fusion shala” as well as ”Urban Yoga House Hostel & Retreat” were born.
Before following a teacher training course with Manju Pattabhi Jois and while living in the Netherlands, she had the blessing to meet and practice with Ma Bela Burgos Lipat KPJAYI authorized Ashtanga teacher onwer of Ashtanga Yoga Shala – Jyväskylä (AYSJ) that really shaped her practice and made her fall in love with this tradition. Nowadays she still enjoys and keeps up with her practice next to Vairaygya Ranko Level 2 KPJAYI authorized Ashtanga teacher, joining his workshops and retreats and visiting Ashtanga Yoga Belgrade in Serbia.

​Settled in the Greek northern lands in the heart of Ioannina’s city center, when she is not in the shala, you will find her singing and playing in the Urban Yoga Collective Kirtan band, escaping in nature with her beloved rescued dog Rex, taking her tent and bike to camp on the mountains, spending her time rafting down rivers, cycling south to the west coast seaside, or arranging her teacher training courses and retreats, visiting various places to teach workshops around Greece and abroad.
​Professional development in: Sivananda, Ashtanga,Yin, Vinyasa and Aerial Yoga, Acro yoga and Yogadance, Yoga anatomy, Alexander-technique, Voice and movement Integration. Research and study upon Yoga/Vedanta/Tantra Philosophies, bodywork, movement and yoga anatomy, with a blend of different hatha yoga traditions are the inspiration behind her upcoming, ”Shiva-Shakti Vinyasa” 200hours and 300hours teacher training courses.

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