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Sacred Cycles

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  • October 5, 2022
  • Wednesday, 7:19 PM to 7:19 PM

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🌕 Throughout time, women have been brought together by cycles. Whether it’s seasons changing, night /day passing, moon phases and our own monthly cycle, we are deeply connected to life itself.

🌕 In early cultures, women cycles were held as sacred. It was believed, and it still is in some communities around the globe, that women have great power during their moons (menstruation). As we bleed our monthly blood, we are letting go of the accumulated experience, stress, maybe some difficult emotions and even negative energy.

🌕 Once we reintegrate this powerful meaning of our cycles, we can be more careful to let the process follow its natural flow, so that we can regenerate together with it.

🌕 Nowadays, menstruation and monthly cycles are viewed as something negative, painful, a nuisance at best. Even so, many women today are reclaiming the sacredness of their blood and choosing to rewrite the narrative that what we’ve made believe is a curse, is in fact the greatest blessing we, as women, can offer the world.

🌕 Beyond the medical reasons and without disconsidering them, lies a different kind of truth, a truth we know, feel and collectively share as women. What our bodies experience through the physical pain, emotional turbulence, and other challenges many women face during their moon time is really the Womb communicating through each of us the ancestral pain we have collected, in a world that has forgotten our true nature.

🌕 By remembering it once again, we not only heal the suffering we go through monthly, but we also open the doorway to a more profound connection with our Mother Earth and with the sacred cycles of creation. This is the immense gift, honor, and privilege we’ve inherited as women at this turning point in humanity.

🌕 And this is what we invite you to remember together with us, in a circle of women. We can relearn how to align our lives to the energy of the moon cycle, how to respect our body, nourish it, attune it to nature in our own particular way and rejoice together in the beauty and wonder of what it truly means to be a Woman💃🏻

🩸Honoring our cycle can be a healing, cathartic way to reconnect with our bodies, our creative force and with natural cycles of Mother Earth. We will share together many ways to bring this in our lives, from moon charts to massages, and other ways to bring back sacred menstruation for the modern age. It’s a CELEBRATION of LIFE, CREATIVE FORCE AND LOVE💃🏻 Join us to live it together❣️

• Elena Strings
• Alexandra Tanasie
• Nicoleta Dobre
• Diana Blidaru
• Neli Motoc & Florentina Niculescu

Bucharest – Sambodhi Yoga Studio
str. Popa Rusu, nr. 16A

Participation fee: 120 RON
For registration and questions, please send an email at: or call at 0766363943
Your place at the workshop is secured after full payment in the following account.
Account name: Nicoleta-Roxana Dobre
IBAN: RO51INGB0000999903994162

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