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Healing Touch

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  • October 5, 2022
  • Wednesday, 6:26 PM to 6:26 PM

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🌹To each of us, the healing touch has a specific meaning, depending so much on our own life journey. The first healing touch we experience on this earth, in our female bodies, is the touch of our mother. This is one of the most powerful, as it has the capacity to make us or break us.

🌹A long overdue and hard fact is that we Are Energy. Just by being alive we produce and consume energy, like all other living beings, this is no mystery. Often, through our life stories, we fall out of balance and disturb this flow of energy that we are. When this happens, our entire system – mind, body & emotions, is suffering.

🌹There is also old, archetypal, ancient wisdom in this system of ours and as women, we have access to it through our intuition, through our senses, through our bodies.

🌹We invite you on a journey of embodiment, where you will bring into communion all of your parts. Together, in the circle of women, we create a container for healing, we meet each other just where we are on our path, with Love and Compassion. On this journey of reinstatement, we will safely become more aware of our emotions, our thoughts, our voices, our bodies, our entire energy system, holding it all together.

🌹Healing touch is thus, the capacity to put attention, presence, awareness, on sensations and perception of who we are and of how we can grow this potential that we’re born with inside, from a gentle spark to a passionate fire, in a safe and healthy way.

🌹All our layers are affected by traumatic events. But the healing answers are already embedded into our DNA. In the same way we create defense mechanisms to protect ourselves, to survive, we can relearn what is safe, what is healthy, by coming back into our bodies.
And from here, we will create new cognitive paths, new ways of experiencing our emotions, new ways of growing feelings, of giving voice to what makes us be who we are.

🌹As women, we know that our center, the vortex of life, is our Womb space. From here life emerges, from here we call in alignment all our other layers. From here we speak our truth, create, love and experience life. Here lies our energy source and this knowledge alone will give us spark.

🌹So come back home, take this journey through the healing touch of your being, and regain your wisdom as a Woman, together with us, in this Circle of Women.

• Elena Strings
• Alexandra Tanasie
• Nicoleta Dobre
• Diana Blidaru
• Neli Motoc & Florentina Niculescu

Bucharest – Sambodhi Yoga Studio
str. Popa Rusu, nr. 16A

Participation fee: 120 RON
For registration and questions, please send an email at: or call at 0766363943
Your place at the workshop is secured after full payment in the following account.
Account name: Nicoleta-Roxana Dobre
IBAN: RO51INGB0000999903994162

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