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Athma Leyan (Shijo) Swami
Profesor Nirvana Yoga

My name is Athma Leyan, I am a Nirvana Yoga teacher and I am a part of Nirvana Yoga in Bucharest. Our mission is to create a healthy and peaceful society through the complete science of Nirvana Yoga.

Before being a yoga teacher, I used to practice yoga for 12 years. I moved to Bahrain in my late twenties and I continued enjoying the benefits of practicing yoga daily, even though it had nothing in common with what I was doing as a job: an mechanical draftsman in a big engineering consultancy company.

I love being a yoga teacher because it is a detailed study about my physical body, my energy body, my casual body, it’s the in depth study of all things related to the universal energy, God.

For me, it is the most interesting scientific research in the world.

I have noticed that nowadays people are so interested in studying about things that are outside of them, and that very few people are interested to find out the answers to questions like: Who am I? What is my body? What is my soul? From where am I coming? Where am I going?

I feel that once one gets to study about the field of yoga, they cannot stop. It is that fascinating and that fulfilling to find the correct answers to questions, to find out the Godly knowledge about oneself, the Universe and God.

Whoever is willing to know about themselves through yoga and meditation, they will be able to experience pure happiness, they will receive pure knowledge and extreme calmness, because ALL ARE IN, ALL ARE ONE, ALL ARE EQUAL.

I am very happy to be here in Bucharest and to be able to teach people yoga and meditation and help them live in the present moment.


· I’m a Nirvana yoga teacher for 4 years

· I’ve been practicing yoga for 16 years

· I’ve been living in Bahrain for 10 years before moving to Romania

· I used to be a monk in the Order of Carmelites of Mary Immaculate in Kerala, India for 2 years

· My favourite Romanian dish is polenta with fish and my favourite dessert is papanasi.

Join us in our classes to find the peacefulness within.

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